Later On

Later On

Later On is a game about guilt and coping. You play as David, a discouraged young man, living his mediocre life. When his best friend goes missing David searches after him, but instead finds his own demons.

About The Project

It's a passion project that I (Zeynep Palaz) made with the help of my friends. It took more than two years for me to finish it, because at the time I was working at a regular job, and trying to get my master's degree on game design.

I wrote the script, designed the maps, and developed the game on RPG Maker. Ozan Cali and Serhat Bek made the musics, and Serhat Bek also drew some of the arts for the scenes. Remitran made the Remitran Club song. Also I'm grateful to Kaan Buldular for letting me use his performance of Music for a While. All the paintings displayed in the game (except for one) made by Toprak Bek.

Ozan Cali

Serhat Bek (aka Silent Devours)
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Toprak Bek

Movie Studio
Remitran Club
Jones Street


To reach the gameplay walkthrough click here.

Press Kit

To reach the press kit click here.